OrderIQ is an app that can be given to chefs and other business to business customers. The user can place orders through the app on their Apple or Android Phone. Once they have done this they will receive an order confirmation. You will then receive their order in Dimension Pro. This saves phone calls, emails and any other forms of communication. They can place orders when ever they want. This is especially good for businesses that work differing hours.


Togo is our app for taking customer orders in a retail shop. When a customer wants to place an order for the weekend or even Christmas. ToGo has you covered. Log on to the app via a web browser on any web enabled device. Then select the items the customer wants. Once this is done, fill in the customers details and if you use their email address they will receive and order confirmation. Their order is now in Dimension ready to be prepped.

Campaign Manager

Offers and campaigns can be managed here. Emails and SMS can be sent to customers with your latest offers you have on at the moment. This can be sent to multiple customers at once. You can format your message however you like and then send the offer out.


Connect Dimension Pro to your WooCommerce website to maintain product information and receive all of your orders in one place. With this connection you can manage all of your products from Dimension, rather than learning a back end of a website. All of your web orders will come directly into Dimension, rather than emails or notifications from the website. This makes forecasting stock much easier across your whole business. Once you receive your web orders you can print a handy preparation report and then start packing the customers order.

Procurement Programs.

We can link to procurement programmes such as Procure Wizard and Rekki. With this connection Dimension can receive orders from these programmes. With this connection activated all your orders will come directly into dimension. This makes forecasting stock much easier across your whole business. Once you receive orders you can print a handy preparation report and then start packing the customers order.

Vehicle Route Planning

We can connect to Maxoptra and Get Circuit. Orders can be directly exported to Maxoptra and order can be exported to a CSV file and imported to Get Circuits Website. Then deliveries can planned correctly, this means you don’t waste time and fuel.

If you would like to find out more information on Maxoptra being connected to Dimension we can help with this. 

Time Track

Rather than having a clocking in machine you can use our built in application Time Track. This application can be used on any device that has access to a web browser and even the Avery Berkel XT scales. Clock staff members in and out easily and work out how long they have been working. You can also log users on and off of the Scale and they can work in different stores as well. 


ProGo is our own app that can be used for processing orders with out the need for using a scale. You use our Rugged PDA that has a barcode scanner on it. All you need is your products to already be labelled with our unique QR code or standard EAN barcode. You can select the order on the device and simply scan the packs to that order. Once you have scanned all the items the order can be completed. Then the order is sent back to dimension completed, delivery notes and invoices can then be printed off.

Accounting Packages

We can export invoices from Dimension Pro to the following accounting packages: Sage, Xero and QuickBooks. This makes accounting easy but you still get the functionality of our invoices that are designed for food businesses.