Are you running a Butchers, Greengrocer, Farm Shop or Fishmonger and looking for a new website?

Are you already a Dimension Pro subscriber or looking to have the software installed any time soon?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding YES, then SCS can help. Together in partnership with PurpleWeb Creative, we have built a strong relationship which has enabled us to provide a unique service aimed at saving you money in wasted admin hours, while providing a strong online platform to help grow your business.

At SCS, we have developed our own software that helps you manage your Avery Berkel scales. The software comes with a range of add-ons and features designed to improve your efficiency and cut the amount of time you need to process orders both online and in the back office. Our website service is aimed at customers with or looking to start using Dimension Pro Software.

We have developed our very own API which connects WooCommerce Websites to the Dimension Pro software.

Features & Benefits of an Integrated Website with Dimension Pro

At SCS we feel we have a unique proposition aimed at the Butchers, Farm Shop, Fishmongers and Greengrocer market. Connecting your scales to some software is not a unique proposition however, what we have designed offers much more than that simple connection.

Dimension Pro integrated with WooCommerce offers a whole host of features and benefits all designed to cut down your admin time and make you more efficient. Imagine having a separate website with over 200 products and having to keep on top of all the price changes and product availability. Then having to print off over 100 orders a month and having to manually process each and every one. Yes, sounds very daunting doesn’t it?

Well, therefore choosing to let SCS connect your Dimension Pro Software to a WooCommerce website is the way forward, below you can read about the main benefits of doing so.


Control Your Products, Pricing, and Images through Dimension Pro

Having an independent e-commerce site which is not connected to your DP Software means that you have to add/remove products, perform price changes, upload images and generally spend your valuable time on your WooCommerce site. Not everyone either has the time nor the inclination to do this so they rely on external Web Designers or Agencies to manage this which can sometimes result in delays in making crucial changes and expensive website management fees. By choosing a WooCommerce to Dimension migration, you take full control of all these areas using the very easy to use software interface that you are already using daily to manage your scales.

Orders From Woo Sent Direct To Dimension Pro

When a customer places an order on your existing website, you will receive an email from the site. This email then needs entering on to Dimension Pro so you can process the order using the scales and when the order is complete, your accounts package is made aware of the completed order. With a migration, once the order lands in your WooCommerce site, DP pulls the order from the database and shows it in your Order Maintenance interface. Over the year, this feature will save you lots of manual entry work but none more so than over Christmas where you will save days of admin processing web orders manually.


Natasha Law (Allergen Information)

Since Natasha’s Law has become more prevalent, we have been busy working out how we can make the process of providing this key information much easier for our clients. We have introduced a new Recipe Module (if you don’t have this, contact SCS for an update to your DP). This recipe module along with some extra work on your DP Software and on your website will mean that all the crucial allergen information for your products can be displayed on your website just like it is currently on your labels.

Comprehensive Reports

Dimension Pro comes with an extensive reporting module to report on areas of your business such as Sales, Stock, Location Information etc. With a fully migrated site, you will be able to report how well your online sales are going, forecast stock requirements and generally be more knowledgeable about your online area of the business.


Click and Collect / Deliveries

Dimension Pro has been programmed to work with a plug-in called Order Delivery Pro. This software will work with almost any businesses requirements when it comes to Collection or Delivery services. You can allow the plug-in to offer click and collect slots automatically so the client knows from the point of order when they can collect their order. Traditionally when you place an order on a WooCommerce site, without the extra plug-ins, the order is placed and then must be manually confirmed via phone or email. By using a migrated site with this plug-in, the dates for the collections are synced to DP so you are always fully aware of what collections you have in the day and crucially what time these collections are planned for. With deliveries, it’s too difficult for businesses to offer hourly delivery slots so we advise offering a time from and to so the customer is aware of when the delivery is going to arrive.

Integration with Route Planning software

SCS have worked with two well known Route Planning platforms and ensure that you can take advantage of the being able to plan your delivery routes using information gathered from your website and processed via Dimension Pro. This service will incur some additional charges and a subscription to the platforms is also required.



When you choose South Coast Systems to provide you with a Dimension Pro integrated website, it’s imperative that you understand that over the year you will need some ongoing support. Whether you require minor or major design changes, adding a seasonal banner or help with the Dimension Integration such as diagnosing errors, we are on hand to offer a full comprehensive support package. If you are already a Dimension customer you will be supported on the software through your standard support agreement but if you add a website to that, you will require an additional level of support that your standard agreement doesn’t cover.

To this end, we have put together a monthly support package designed to cover EVERYTHING you will need to ensure your website and integration run smoothly so if and when you have any issues, you have the peace of mind that you are covered without any expensive ad-hoc support costs.

Website Hosting

All our client’s sites are hosted on our own VPS Server. This server is the home of all our clients’ websites, and we are in full control of its resources which means when the server requires more performance due to hosting too many sites, we simply add more RAM or Processors.

API Charge

As standard, any customers either past or present will have a charge of £25 plus VAT applied to their direct debit each month to cover the costs associated with the API and future updates. We include this charge within this monthly agreement.

Order Delivery Pro Plugin

This plugin is installed on every site we provide. It is required to facilitate your Delivery and Collection rules. If you were to pay for your own individual licence, the cost is £99 for the year. We include the licence within this package and will constantly update the plugin when an update has been released.

Security Updates

Every time we login to your WordPress admin area, we will carry out all the essential updates on your plugins and core files. Its crucial all WordPress sites are maintained in this way, but it can be a daunting prospect to carry out these updates yourself because of the risk of crashing the site. We take all that worry out of your hands so if we break the site, we can fix it instantly.

1 Hour of Support

Each month you get a full hour of paid support worth £65 per hour. If you aren’t a subscriber of this package, any support you receive will be chargeable at £65 per hour. This package gives you peace of mind that over the year you have 12 hours of support.

The cost for this support package is £100 plus VAT per month. Remember even if you decide not to take advantage of this package, at the very least you will have the API cost of £25 plus VAT, your own website hosting costs and any support throughout the year is charged. We feel this price offers great value for money and helps you budget your website costs each month.

Already have an E-commerce Website?

If you already have an existing e-commerce site and like the sound of connecting Dimension Pro to take advantage of all the features and benefits mentioned on this page, this could be possible. We say ‘could’ because there are a number of things to consider:

Our API is only designed to work with WordPress and WooCommerce. We chose this platform over other well know e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento etc because of the flexibility of their own API and the popularity of the platform. If your site isn’t running WP, we can still help but this will involve rebuilding your website from scratch.

Over the years we have come across customers who already have great sites and don’t need to replace them. We can still help. We have put together a service that includes supporting you and any third party developers integrating your existing site to Dimension Pro so you can take advantage of all the benefits previously mention. We charge our time out at £65 per hour and we will require full admin access to the site to carry out a survey to ascertain the costs involved.

Over the years, website design is constantly evolving which means you could have had an all singing all dancing website 2/3 years ago but now it is starting to look dated and not working as well as it used too. That’s fine, at SCS we can still help. We can carry out a survey, report on any changes we suggest making and will out forward a cost for the work. It will be based on hourly work and charged at £65 per hour.

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